The MSSC is the surviving entity and will continue

Each year, micromounting begins where the sun sets-in the West. In 2006, the Southern California Micro-Tiffany Money Clips on sale (SCMM) held the Forty-first Pacific Micromount Conference, 27-29 January, at the San Bernardino County Museum in Redlands, California. Welcome and registration began in the midafternoon and cheap Tiffany Bangles until the potluck buffet dinner. Micromounters Hall of Fame member Sugar White followed with her traditional What's New in Minerals talk, then she handed over to Paul Adams, who finished the evening with a talk on Darwin Mines.

The conference reopened early on Saturday, finishing registration and setting up the giveaway reduced Tiffany Bangles. After a midmorning welcome ceremony, attendees heard a presentation, Current Mineral Collecting in New Zealand, by Hall of Fame member Jocelyn Thornton, of Wellington, New Zealand. Jocelyn's talks, illustrating the discount Tiffany Pendants nature of New Zealand, are always a pleasure. Dr. Chris Sagebiel, curator of geology, followed with a talk, Visions of Grandeur: The New Hall of Geological Wonders at the San Bernardino County Museum. The plan is ambitious and full of potential-and seems to be funded as well. The conference may be held in the new addition by 2007.

Lunch at the museum was followed by a voice auction, then a silent auction of member-donated material. reduced discount Tiffany Earrings Bracelets, members and the board of directors met to discuss and vote on a proposed merger of the SCMM with the Mineralogical Society of Southern California (MSSC). The merger was Tiffany tiffany jewellery on sale. The MSSC is the surviving entity and will continue to conduct the Pacific Micromount Conference. At the same time, the group gave recognition to Juanita Curtis, a key founder of the SCMM, for her many years of dedicated service.

Following a buffet dinner at the museum, Dr. Don Howard, professor of physics at Portland State reduced Tiffany Pendants, Oregon, spoke on Catalyzed Growth and Filiform Crystals, pointing out the unusual things that crystals can do and offering explanations of why they do them. The evening ended with a description of the field trip to take place on Sunday. Bob Housely described many of the minerals to be found at the Bagdad Chase mine and indicated possible areas in which to locate them. The weather was beautiful on Sunday for the trip, and discount Tiffany Bracelets was successful.

As always, the SCMM meeting fed into the big bash at Tucson. In 2006, the Arthur Roe Micromount Tiffany Tiffany Key Rings for sale on sale took place in the Turquoise Ballroom of the Tucson Convention Center on 10 February, from 10 A.M. until 3 P.M. (theoretically-in the way of micromount affairs however, the action began a lot earlier and carried on a lot later).

Always helpful, Lois and Bill Meinert were on hand with loads of packing material and small boxes to be used for the giveaway specimens on the laden tables. As usual, there were spare microscopes for casual users. They were needed because there was a considerable amount of specimen material. Micromounters are a generous lot, always willing to share material and advice. In this case, the advice came mostly from the seven members of the Micromounters Hall of Fame who were present.