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At the end of the tour we come to a locality which has been known for some decades, though never well cheap Tiffany Bangles, in the West: the Emperor gold mine, Vatukoula, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands, from which have occasionally emerged some of the world's finest crystals of native tellurium and of the rare Au-Ag telluride reduced Tiffany Bracelets. In the Clarion room of Luis Burillo (see above under barite), about ten miniature specimens were laid out inconspicuously, showing very fine sylvanite from this exotic source: brilliant metallic white microcrystals of Tiffany Tiffany Pendants on sale sale glitter on open seams in dense gray rock matrix. Luis told me that these finds in 2005 had been crowned by specimens showing sylvanite crystals to 1.5 cm and tellurium crystals to 2.5 cm-these pieces were sold, no doubt quickly, in Europe.


The layout of dealers' stands and display cases on the floor of the Main Show changed somewhat this year, Tiffany Bracelets on sale Necklaces sale Tiffany Pendants Tiffany Bracelets less regular than it has been. The hall was no longer neatly divided into mineral-dealer and gem-dealer halves by a single great row of display cases down the middle. Instead, some mineral dealers found themselves over the line into the gem kingdom (I noticed no instances of the reverse), and the display cases were scattered irregularly throughout, their places marked by buoylike clusters of red balloons visible from a distance.

Some visitors no doubt missed seeing important cases before they finally got it about those balloons. But it was Tiffany Tiffany Earrings on sale sale Tiffany Pendants fun, as always, to buzz and bounce about in the hall, seeing what one could see. Canada Ruled, a splendidly uniformed Royal Canadian Monnty patrolled the proceedings, and the cases full of Canadian reduced Tiffany Earrings were (when you found them) as magnificent as could be. As usual, I can't undertake detailed descriptions of individual cases, let alone individual specimens, although this is a frightful injustice; again a mere listing, with just a few fillips, will have to do.

Among exhibitors who put in "general" displays of Canadian minerals were the Canadian Museum of Nature; the cheap Tiffany Earrings; the Rice Northwestern Museum; the American Museum of Natural History; Wendy and Frank Melanson; Rod and Helen Tyson (two wide, very spectacular cases); and the Royal Ontario Museum (viewing this case, we learned that there exist brilliant iridescent specimens of stephanite and polybasite from the Husky mine, Yukon, which are 6 cm across).