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As the stock market plunge, William R. Chaney, the chairman and chief executive of Tiffany & Company, has Tiffany jewellery his Tiffany jewellery stock fall from more than $30 a share to under $20.

In the world of luxury jewelry, however, plunging stock prices do not necessarily mean bad news. For the Elsa Peretti Teardrop Earrings quarter Elsa Peretti Teardrop pendant Oct. 31, Tiffany's earnings doubled, to $3.7 million, from $1.8 million the previous quarter. Sales rose 6.1 percent, to $54 million. The earnings of tiffany jewelry, he said, reflected the company's new strategy of focusing on affluent consumers and Small Elsa Peretti Open Heart pendant Tiffany 1837 ring operations. Two weeks ago, Tiffany opened a store in Munich, West Germany, and the company is working to upgrade and redesign its outlets in Japan.

Tiffany had a 42 percent increase in international sales in the third quarter, to $5.05 million. For the first nine Atlas Cube Earrings of the year, Return to Medium Elsa Peretti Open Heart pendant Oval tag ring sales were 75 percent higher than at the same time last year. Mr. Chaney has been at Tiffany's helm for four years. He engineered a $135.5 million leveraged buyout of the company, which had been Elsa Peretti Open Heart pendant 1837 ring by Avon Products, where he had worked for more than 20 years. Last May, he took the company public, offering 4.5 Elsa Peretti Butterfly Earrings shares at $23 each, which was used to retire more than $40 million in debt.Tiffany & Co. was established in 1837 with a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Tiffany that are the basis of its magnificent heritage as one of the world??s premier jewelers. Renowned for its diamond authority and meticulous selection of materials, the company continues as fashion??s arbiter with a stunning progression of designs that are both timeless and Somerset basic hoop earrings expressions of contemporary taste. These objects of desire epitomize a life lived well and reveal Tiffany in its truest light: a dynamic enterprise of modern glamour and luxury that is Return to Tiffany™ Heart tag key ring to its great tradition of excellence.

Since its introduction earlier this year, the Tiffany Keys collection has been enthusiastically embraced by fashionable women and celebrities worldwide. Now, the jeweler of legendary style since 1837 adds three new Keys to the selection, inspired by Art Deco jewelry in the Tiffany archives. Echoing the period??s chic sophistication and Tiffany jewellery great design heritage, the new platinum Keys are encrusted with diamonds and black onyx in geometric shapes and suspended from gem-accented chains. These dazzling emblems celebrate something dared or something dreamed a secret love or an experience never to be forgotten. Memories may remain in the heart, but they have a captivating symbol in the latest Tiffany Keys, keepsakes of Money Clip and emotions. The Tiffany Keys Collection is available at select Tiffany & Co. stores worldwide and the internet.