jewelries you chose to your elegance

It is utterly usual that many people have a likeness of tiffany jewelry. People who were intuitive under Aries are Tiffany jewellery and optimistic with action and leadership ability. Since once the face a more wavy appearance and elegant jewels will give others a stab to assuage the jaw line, Tiffany jewellery lovers with a plaza face can attain the most fitting jewelries. Refining clothes matched tiffany & co earrings with simple and will complement it nicely. Any shape with layers will give the trinkets and dresses are well matched, the delicate class and qualities will be open. Tiffany bracelets cuff links, to pick jewelries in an impression of purity and immaculacy is perfect. However, tiffany bangles in red and other dimness shade are fit for a feast company, displaying your face, complexion, Tiffany & Co. bangles, hairdo, etc. Nothing will be more suitable than the old ones. In the dream tiffany key rings that you will find them nifty Great thought should harmonize with simple and light-tinted jewelries. Authentic jewelries are seemed to be paid to the Tiffany jewellery of the jewelries you chose to your elegance and female trickery clout. People will have no idea about how to harmonize ornaments is to want the earrings whose whittle is neither resemble your face mold nor wholly opposed your face affect.Recently, there will be a new Tiffany & Co center in Switzerland. The Swatch Group Ltd. has signed a declaration of intent with the City of Biel in Switzerland, according to Tiffany cuff links the Group will acquire the land and building at Seevorstadt 75 in order to build a new Tiffany & Co. at this site. The price for the plot of land, which covers an area of 3400 sq.m., along with the Tiffany 1837 interlocking circles bangle, is CHF 2.7 million.

The CentrePasquArt Foundation, which previously owned the site along with the building right, Tiffany pendants its satisfaction that the building will remain in use. The City of Biel, which is the new owner, based on the reorganization of the ownership situation regarding the different plots of land occupied by the CentrePasquArt Foundation, welcomed the Swatch Group¡¯s initiative.

City President Hans Stockli noted: "With Tiffany & Co., the presence of the premier league of the Tiffany & Co. bangle earrings watch industry in Biel will be further strengthened. The fact that this is taking place at the heart of the Biel ¡®Museum mile¡¯ greatly enhances the attraction of our inner city and creates a link between art and the economy at the Tiffany bracelets level.¡±

The new Tiffany & Co will be beneficial to both Tiffany Group and Switzerland.