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Shortages of natural resources and changing public attitudes may also create new challenges for law enforcement. For example, many police departments placed mileage restrictions on their patrol cars when gasoline prices passed $4 per gallon in the summer of 2008. Forecasts for "peak oil" suggest that, after the economy recovers and energy demand returns to its earlier levels, declining supplies could send oil prices steeply higher over the next decade. Law enforcement agencies may respond by reducing patrol car use, shifting to more fuel-efficient vehicles, focusing more on "virtual policing," or assigning more police to foot or bicycle patrols. Similarly, public opinion may call for "green prisons" and "green police stations," just as many are already calling for "green universities" and "green offices."

Demographic shifts may increasingly translate into political shifts that have impacts on U.S. law enforcement. The face of the criminal justice system will change with the face of America, as seen in the appointments of Attorney General Eric Holder and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.At the national and international levels, there may be a continued blurring of the boundary between counterterrorism and law enforcement, leading many law enforcement agencies into uncharted territory. Planning for man-made and natural disasters will prompt much greater integration across local, state, national, and even international jurisdictions, as well as across law enforcement, fire, EMS, health, and other services. A move toward integration is already evident in many federal agencies and in specific recommendations such tiffany jewelry as those of the bipartisan Project on National Security Reform.

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