calls or home visits within 2 weeks to children

The C?te d'Ivoire National Programme paid for ART, co-trimoxazole prophylaxis, plasma HIV-1 RNA testing, HIV serum testing and CD4 cell counts for children aged < 15 years.21 From April 2006, patients paid US$ 0.90 per prescription for each additional drug used against opportunistic infections. Patients received antiretroviral drugs and tiffany rings co- trimoxazole every month. A community- based team of experienced social workers and members of associations of people living with HIV/AIDS made telephone calls or home visits within 2 weeks to children who did not keep their scheduled appointments.17

The national ethics committee of C?te d'Ivoire approved the Aconda data management system.17 Standardized forms were used to record the following variables: (i) at the initial visit, date, sex, date of birth or age, height, weight, PMTCT history, breastfeeding status, haematology results and CD4 cell count and percentage; (ii) at each subsequent visit, date and weight; (iii) at ART initiation, date, WHO HIV/AIDS clinical stage and weight; (iv) date, name and quantity of drugs delivered for each prescription, whether or not for ART; (v) at each CD4 cell and blood cell count measurement, date, CD4 cell count, CD4 cell percentage, blood haemoglobin level, and blood platelet, granulocyte and leu- kocyte counts; and (vi) date of death or, for patients tiffany bracelets whose death had not been reported, the last date at which the patient was known to be alive.

Kaplan-Meier analysis was used to determine the probability that a child aged < 18 months at first contact with the programme would be diagnosed with an HIV infection. We examined three outcomes for children with HIV-1 infection, with or without concurrent HIV-2 infection: death, loss-to-follow-up (i.e. last contact = 3 months before 30 November 2007 if death had not been reported) and loss-to-programme (i.e. death or loss-to- follow-up).Mortality and loss-to-programme rates, expressed in events per 100 child- years of follow-up, were calculated for the period between programme inclusion and ART initiation (i.e. tiffany cufflinks the off-ART period), for the first 12 months on ART as a whole, and for months 0-3 and 4-12 of ART.