her fish on the spot and gave them all her heads

My arms were sore as the fish made another run for the inlet, then back at me in full force. The only movement I was capable of making was at the knees, hips and elbows. Still stuck in the mud, 1 looked like I was doing the chicken dance. I glanced up at the bridge periodically, wishing I'd thought to bring a net. How 1 was going to land this fish without full range of movement or a net?But that problem was solved when the fish ran the bank and 1 pulled up my rod, breaking the line. I didn't even swear, probably because every cuss word I knew was lodged in the back of mind where I'd left all other necessary fishing items.I finally landed a silver, unstuck myself from the mud and crawled on my knees up the bank. The fish and I were covered in shop for tiffany accessories mud as I trudged toward the bridge. The group of onlookers congratulated me.

Another night I got to talking with a woman who had caught on to the place around the same time my shop for tiffany bracelets fishing buddy and I did. She said she'd seen brown bears and their cubs in the field below and moose swimming across the river. She shared stories of other locals, including one in which a bull moose ran across the bridge nearly knocking someone over (Louisiana's version had a boy hanging one-armed from the bridge for safety) or how, one season, a group of Asian visitors came around asking, "You eat heads?" and she cleaned her fish on the spot and gave them all her heads.

"They were so happy," she said.On a gray November morning during my pathology internship, I stood alone in the morgue of Indiana University Hospital shop for tiffany necklaces amid the gentle buzzing of fluorescent lights and the steady drip of a faucet into a stainless steel sink. A recently deceased woman lay on the metal table, her skin pale yellow and smooth. She still wore earrings, a wedding ring and makeup. Plastic tubes and IV lines protruded from her body - the last throes of medical intervention.