discarding their trash in the cactus

Daddy: That's right, hit the road, you Boulder limpdicks! This here's Daddy's warm-up and ain't nobody gonna tell Daddy different. Daddy's been warming up here for years. Hell, Daddy mighta even installed them top hooks himself.Entry, 1:45 p.m. to 4:07 p.m.: "Daddy spends the next two-plus hours stick-clipping his way up the 40-foot route, frequently fumbling quickdraws, the stick, and doing about one in five moves free. The climb appears to be a pocket ladder with straightforward reaches between deep solution holes. When Daddy latches a pocket, he makes pull-up moves, his feet dragging against the rock. Each time he hangs, he screeches, I said 'Take!" you earrings clearance f-king whore!' before again becoming apologetic and saying he just wants his 'doll to be safe' and that just gets a little scared sometimes.'

"At the bigger, hueco-sized pockets. Daddy kicks his feet into the air, screams 'Footloosin'!', and then whoops at Babydoll before demanding that she 'Reel in the up-Jine and keep Daddy on a tight brake!' Eventually, Daddy reaches the anchors, where he clips in with a daisy chain, threads the rappel rings, whoops again, and tells Babydoll the line's fixed and ready for down-roping/ Babydoll lowers Daddy, and they eat Cheetos, drink Dr. Pepper, and French-kiss, discarding their trash in the cactus."

Daddy: OK, up you go, doll. Now don't out-climb Daddy! (Just kidding.) You know how Daddy doesn't like it when you climb better. (Just kidding). Daddy had to 10-rest it, but maybe you tiffany jewelry can do it nice with a one-rester and make Daddy proud.



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