attended by more than five thousand paying customers

According to Forbes, Paris made more than $8 tiffany bangles million on licensing deals, personal appearances, television shows, and other business endeavors between June 2008 and June 2009. Private sources with knowledge of her businesses say her net income is really closer to $10 million a year. Her nine fragrances, they say, sell more than $100 million a year wholesale; this year she will release her tenth fragrance, Tease, with a Marilyn Monroe-inspired marketing campaign. Worldwide, Paris has nineteen product lines, including clothes, bedding, shoes, hair extensions and accessories, dolls, handbags, and watches. She is working on a second album with producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, who has also produced Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga. Her television show, My New BFF, has franchises in the UK and Dubai. Another U. S. show is in the works as well -- a secret but something to do with the family.

From his cage in the corner, an African gray parrot issues a lusty wolf whistle."His name is Hank," Paris laughs. "Just plain Hank. Doug named him. He's young; he doesn't talk yet. Who knows what he'll say."Outside the window, a large Hispanic man in a wet suit and diving mask is wading around chest-high in the pool. As Paris and I speak, a couple dozen people are making themselves busy around her house -- a PR woman, a personal manager, two assistants, several maids, the gardeners, the party planners, the dance-floor crew, etc. The pool deck is decorated with mod furniture, life-size faux Roman statues, alabaster likenesses of the Little Mermaid and Peter Pan's Tinker Bell. The wet-suit guy is putting together pieces of metal scaffolding, a stoic expression on his face. By Friday night, there will be a tiffany money clips dance floor and a bar on top of the pool, all of it inside a tent with a Studio 54 theme. (Paris and her mom both had their twenty-first birthday parties at Studio 54 in New York.)

This is tiffany key rings Paris's birthday month; she has just turned twenty-nine. Already there have been parties upon parties. The dining table is piled high with flowers and presents from friends. Last week there was a small dinner at her parents' house, followed by a party at club Tao in Las Vegas, attended by more than five thousand paying customers, most of them strangers. Paris was among the first to command a fee for attending a club; she now gets as much as $300,000 to show up and address the crowd, according to reports. The crowning birthday event will be at her own house -- the party Friday night for 250 friends.



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