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Some faculty advisers believe he has a good point. Students can't always find convenient places for the interviews, and most have little practice at talking to people remotely and might feel self-conscious being filmed, professors say.There can also be technical glitches. One academic department was doing a Skype interview with a candidate who was Two Hearts pendant visiting his family in Florida when a storm rolled through and knocked out the power. The candidate had to finish the interview by phone the next day. Another candidate, unaware that cameras used on computers for Skype interviews can sometimes distort images, shocked a faculty search committee when she took a swig of water from what appeared to be a five-gallon jug (it was really a standard-sized bottle).

Even professors who endorse the remote interviews say advisers should do silver bracelets more training with grad students. Talking into a camera can be intimidating for students who aren't used to it. And some job candidates do not even understand what departments mean when they ask for remote interviews.Julie Miller Vick, a senior associate director of career services for the University of Pennsylvania who also writes career-advice columns for The Chronicle, helps students practice for video and phone interviews. "For phone interviews, often I have the student turn their back to me in the same room, and we just talk," she explains.

When it comes to video or -Skype, professors say students should be aware of silver cufflinks what's in the background--and use that to their advantage. Richard Utz, chairman of English at Western Michigan University, says interviewing by camera is a little like writing on Facebook. "They think people don't notice what's there," he says, "but they do." Mr. Utz's department did three job interviews remotely this year, using Skype. "I'm surprised they didn't set themselves up more ostentatiously," he says. "I would have sat myself down in front of a Le Corbusier painting."



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