money tree come and everybody wants money

"Papa Smurf!" Perry interrupts, then signals bracelets clearance his daughter: "She's 20, and she's a virgin. She knows what men want. She has to stay here with us, forever!"Shiva shakes her head, unfazed by her father's humor. Gabriel is graduating from high school and plans to move to a big city. "It's so boring here," he says, looking out the window at the snow-covered valley. "There's nothing to do."

Perry heads back to his garage to work on some music. He's been hired to do a remix for Santigold and still has to finish his three records. He e-mails his cryptic and circuitous lyrics to Keith Richards and various cufflinks clearance collaborators. He rarely returns to the island of his birth to work. "Whenever I go to Jamaica," he says, "it's like the money tree come and everybody wants money."

Perry burns his microphone's top with a lighter, expelling any bad vibes, takes a deep breath and tries to channel the energy of his children on the floors above. "I need the energy of youth," he says. "That's the good energy!" With pendants clearance eyes closed, he swings to the music, his round belly leading the rest of his small body. "I came, I saw, and I conquer," Perry rhymes. "I capture Lex Luthor with my teddy bear, my hair and my invisible chair."