technical knowledge about gems and jewellery

Exclusivity is the mantra of GenY, and studios showcasing designer jewellery are in demand.
Doesn't every bride want to look different from the rest of the pack? We present three wellknown jewellery designers whose businesses are booming this season. A graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), one of the foremost authorities on
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grading and gemology, Shruti Chhajer got her diploma from the National Institute of Jewellery Design before joining her mother's jewellery studio.
Says Chhajer,My mother, Sushma, came to Ahmedabad from Kolkata with my father. While running a boutique in the city, she was often asked for advice by her clients on the jewellery to go with the dresses they were buying. She gained knowledge and began to see how jewelry was

perceived, and this prompted her to start out in the jewellery business".

Shruti says Sushma is a very determined woman who is ready to take on all odds. She had a strong textile tiffany key rings, but little knowledge of jewellery and its technical aspects. So she went about

learning about jewellery from experts and reading books on the subject.

My father, who is very encouraging, went with her to jewellery fairs in Hong Kong and other countries so she could get an insight into the industry,says Shruti.
By 2000, she had started out in the jewellery business with five or six sample pieces. The business was on the road.Shruti, on the other hand, decided to study gemology, especially diamond Tiffany Key

, and jewellery design.
She also armed herself with an MBA from Ahmedabad's Nirma Institute, all to bring technical and design expertise to the business started by her mother.
The duo uses high-end Burmese rubies, Columbian emeralds, South Sea pearls, sapphires and other precious stones in their jewellery.

Speaking on the designs, Sushma says,We are both perfectionists. The design for the pieces we create for stock is generally inspired by the precious stones we procure, especially the colourful ones. And when we get good stones that compliment each other in colour and pattern, the design is

created to make them look good and go together.

Each piece can take months to make, as they keep working on detailing, till they feel it can't be improved upon. Then they show it to a tiffany key rings.
We advise the client about the jewellery from our stock,says Sushma.Shruti says for bespoke bridal jewellery, they not only ask the prospective bride about the dress she will be wearing, but also design the piece to compliment her physical features.

Because of my technical qualifications, I can actually give my clients proper information about gems and jewellery,says Shruti, adding,This combination of technical knowledge about gems and jewellery, good design and superb finishing are at the heart of the Shruti Sushma brand. As jewellery is

a very expensive item and can tiffany key rings for a sizable percentage of the expense of a wedding, clients want to know what they are getting. Indeed, trust is the foundation of our

business that has seen it grow.