for the clients to refer to for ideas

Currently, the duo work out of their office-cum-studio at CG Road, but they have an exclusive studio tiffany necklaces up at Silaj.
What are the plans in the offing?
International fine art auctions are a dream that we want to make happen one day," says Shruti.
Nehal Shah got into the boutique jewellery business in the 1990s completely by chance.
I was always good at design, but never studied it,says Shah.
But her friends would come to her for help in creating their trousseau.

Shah recalls,When I designed jewellery for the marriage of a friend in the late-1980s, it got noticed by people in the business in Delhi. They later contacted me through my friend to ask if I could design jewellery for them.

And that's how she began. Shah started creating drawings for jewellery, and collaborating with artisans for executing them.
Today, Ahmedabad is a major supplier of kundan gold jewellery. But in the late-1980s and early-'90s, this art was going through a decline,says Shah. This decline gave them the impetus to try something new to attract
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Shah started work on creating kundan jewellery in silver with a gold finish, making it more affordable for the masses. This fetched her a good clientele and she soon had a flourishing design business going.

From bridal jewellery to specially designed jewellery to themes for fashion designers like a series I did on the Khajuraho motifs for a fashion event I have built a loyal clientele that still comes to me for aesthetics and wearability, important features of jewellery,says Shah.
But after a few years, it became difficult for her to balance work with motherhood, and she began to focus on fewer clients and on fashion designers with whom she had built a rapport.

Says Shah,Working in collaborating with fashion designers or boutiques makes sense. The designs I create result in tiffany necklaces made anywhere from Ahmedabad's kundan to Jaipur's Meenakari, and

this goes for exports, and is supplied by designers to direct clients. It is often also created for movies.

And the best advertisement for Shah's designs might just be the movies. Says Shah,It is great to see my design being worn by movie stars on the big screen!

The eighth floor of a commercial office building may seem like an unlikely place to establish a jewellery retail business, but Deepak Shah's store, Gharenu, has proved that this can not only work, but work very well.

Says Deepak Shah,I was always fascinated by jewellery. While there are many large jewellery showrooms across tiffany necklaces, I felt there was scope for a bespoke jewellery studio that gives the

right advice and designs to its clients.

With this conviction, Shah started Gharenu in 1993 and, by the late-1990s, became known as a specialist in designing jewellery using just solitaire diamonds.

Our key strengths are our artistic skills, precision, punctuality and our practiced eye,says Shah,This has generated trust among our customers. Value for money is essential in this business, where a customer could be spending a lakh for a ring, and that is what we are known for.
Shah's approach to bridal designs is interesting: he begins by tiffany necklaces a drawing for the jewellery that will go with the height, frame, complexion, profile and other distinct

physical features of the prospective bride.
He takes into account the attire that she is going to wear for the functions, her taste, and also, of course, the budget.
We maintain a library of coffee table books, magazines and catalogues from around the world for the clients to refer to for ideas. We also have a huge photo library of pieces we have created,says Shah.
Using these inputs as a starting point, we work on the fact that every person has an individuality which has to be brought out in what they are wearing.
They also give details to the client about the diamonds and other gems, according to international standards. This aspect of reliability has helped them build a strong client base across Gujarat and in many cities across the country.
We also have NRI clients who deal with us from overseas, such is their trust level,says Shah.