identified by the qualitative research study

The qualitative, in-depth, face-to- face interviews revealed a range of diver- gent views about the practical purpose of a guide to reviewing evidence for use in HIA. Less experienced tiffany jewellery on sale practitioners wanted a guide that would provide advice on how to review evidence for an HIA. By contrast, more experienced practitioners tiffany jewellery on sale the value of the guide to be in establishing quality standards for review- ing evidence.Both groups judged the most practi- cal, and motivating, format to be a good practice approach rather than a checklist of procedures, a step-by-step toolkit or a set of rules and instructions. This view- point felt relevant and appealed to all practitioners, as the same document could both provide tiffany jewellery on sale on the process of reviewing evidence for HIA and establish procedural standards.

Other findings identified by the qualitative research study were that the guide should:During development, stage 1 centred on enhancing information on "tips and resources", introducing additional steps into the literature search and review processes, and making the guide easier to use and understand. With each stage during development, the tiffany jewellery on sale made on the guide became progressively less substantial.24

Of the 32 participants directly involved in developing the guide, 26 were based in the United tiffany jewellery on sale, 5 came from elsewhere in Europe and 1 came from outside Europe (Table 1). Many other individuals from outside Europe actively involved in HIA were consulted through wider dissemination of the de- veloping versions of the guide.