searching for relevant studies or for assessing

The most substantive wholesale tiffany jewelry to the guide that arose in stages 3 and 4 were amendments to the introductory pages, the inclusion of examples of ques- tions that a literature review for HIA might address, and the development of a glossary, as attempts to avoid jargon had not been entirely successful.The appraisers involved in wholesale tiffany jewelry the guide's use in practice (stage 5) found it to be useable and accessible. Upon using the guide, one of the selected evidence reviews appraised was considered not to meet the required quality standards. Reviews often lacked information on how various steps in the review process had been conducted. For example, details of the criteria used in searching for relevant studies or for assessing the quality of studies included may have been missing, making it difficult to assess the wholesale tiffany jewelry of the evidence presented or the validity of the conclusions.

Appraisers generally made very positive comments about the guide, even those who said that they were initially wholesale tiffany jewelry. For example, one HIA practi- tioner commented: "My initial thoughts were that the guidance was too rigid for rapid HIAs but the more I worked through it and thought about it the more I agreed with it." Another stated that al- though the criteria, "set a high standard for the quality of evidence reviews, they are reasonable and well judged in the context of HIAs. I would and will use them as a benchmark when undertaking general evidence reviews for HIAs ..." Full details of the appraisals are contained in a published report.24

The final version of the guide produced in stage 6 is a 12-page A4 booklet26,27 that takes the reader through nine steps (steps A-I; Box 1) in reviewing evidence common to "brief" and "more comprehensive" evidence reviews. Supporting information for the guide has also been made available on the web, included a glossary,30 details of wholesale tiffany jewelry sources of quality criteria31 and a document on assessing causality.32