tiffany-operated tools

rakes being hand tools, harpoons, hand tools, namely, crimping irons, hand tools, namely, awls, gimlets being hand tools, augers being hand tools, center punches being hand tools, bits for hand drills, milling cutters being hand tools, saws being hand tools, frames for handsaws, jigsaws, blades for handsaws, tiffany-operated tools, namely, cutting bars, hand tools being scrapers, hand tools, namely, tongs, hand tools, namely, pincers, pliers, nippers, hand tools, namely, levers, planes, plane irons, blades for planes, paring knives, hand tools,

namely, carpenters' augers, screwdrivers, dies being hand tools, taps being hand tools, tiffany jewelry, vices, axes, punches being hand tools, nail extractors, wrenches being hand tools, spanners being hand tools, hand tools, namely, molding irons, hand tools, namely, borers, hand tools, namely, pipe threaders, hand tools, namely, nail punches, tweezers, hammers being hand tools, masons' hammers, hand tools, namely, hammer drills, hand tools, namely, hand drills, riveters being hand tools, pruning knives, tiffany sale, hand-operated lawn clippers, shovels being hand tools, hand-operated insecticide sprayers, side arms, not including firearms, namely, hunting knives, swords, ice picks

Time clocks or time recording devices; electrically heated hair curlers; CD and DVD players; audio tiffany jewelry on sale and audio cassette players for recording and playing music; video recorders and video disc players; telephone apparatus; mobile phones; pre-paid telephone calling cards, magnetically encoded; answering machines; facsimile machines; pagers; earphones; speakerphones; photocopiers; radios; television apparatus for projection purposes; cinematographic cameras; audio and tiffany sale receivers; modems.