office tiffany rings and control applications.

personal computers; computer printers; computer keyboards computer memories; tiffany rings central processing units, magnetic tape units for computers, blank floppy disks, data processing equipment, namely, optical disk readers and computer mouse, computer monitors being computer hardware, graph plotters in the nature of X-Y plotters, acoustic couplers and scanners being data processing equipment; electronic pens being visual display units; screen filters for computers; antennas; electronic sensors; home and office automation systems comprising wireless and wired controllers, and computer software all for controlling lighting, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning systems),security, safety and other home and office tiffany rings and control applications.

electronic touch sensitive switches and computer screens; electronic notice boards, luminous safety beacons, light-Tiffany Rings electronic pointers, luminous safety signaling panels, luminous road signs, vehicle breakdown warning triangles, signaling buoys, inverters, variometers, electric light dimmers or regulators, stage lighting regulators; switched rectifiers for electric power, voltage regulators, regulated power supplies, electric devices for attracting and killing insects; electric sockets and plugs, electric transformers, electric cables, light conducting filaments being optical fibers; identification threads for electric wires; electric wires; electric coils; electric locks. wire connectors for electricity, electric discharge tubes, other than for lighting; tiffany rings choking coils.

circuit breakers; silicon slice wafers, optical fibre cables; level indicators, slide calipers, letter tiffany rings, food scales, electric speed indicators, electric monitors for monitoring electric current and electrical signals, thermostats for vehicles, battery jars, starter cables for motors, electronic converters, connections for electric lines, electric switches, electric couplings, switchboards, electric fuses, printed circuits, heat detectors and electric heat regulators, electric apparatus for remote ignition, namely, remote controls for igniting engines.