domestic coffee measures

graduated rulers for measuring; automatic turnstiles; electrolysers, fire extinguishers; fire tiffany pendants; welding electrodes, electric soldering irons; gloves, shoes and clothes for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; diving suits; protective helmets, masks and visors; radiology screens for industrial purposes, smoke detectors, magnifying glasses for optical use, spectacles for optical use, electric batteries, batteries for lighting, darkroom lamps for photographic use, photographic cameras; exposed slide films, flash-bulbs for photographic use.

lenses for astrophotography; electric flat irons; tiffany pendants magnets; satellites for scientific purposes; graduated Tiffany Pendants for experimental purposes; vending machines; radars; galvanizing apparatus, namely, galvanizing machines; ear plugs for soundproofing; remote controlled vehicle door openers and closers; domestic coffee measures

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