I jumped from a size 7½ shoe

Entrepreneurs, Jim and Dottie Sims knew what it took to follow a different path. The couple met at cheap tiffany key rings State, moved to Murray, home to a small liberal-arts college, and started a used-textbook business from scratch in their

basement around the time Molly and her brother (older by just eighteen months) were born, in the early 1970s.

Today South Eastern Book Company is among the largest used-book sellers in the U.S. Though the senior key rings would become highly successful, their daughter had a "real childhood," she says. "We caught lightning bugs

in jars when it got dark, and one of my sets of grandparents lived nearby on a farm with a pond where we would fish during the day. I was a girlie girl -- I took

ballet and tap and jazz -- but at the same time you could find me up in a tree. I can remember being on the top of a shed at my grandmother's farm in a tank top

and shorts, tiffany key rings sale a Capri Sun and thinking, 'Wow, this is really cool.'"

What wasn't so cool back then was her height. Sims couldn't have fit a mold if she'd had to: "In my Tiffany Key Rings-grade year, I jumped from a size 7½ shoe to a 9½. By the time I was a freshman, I was five feet nine. I was growing so

much, my legs hurt. I had charley horses all the time. Once I got into a massive fight with my mother about the prom, because she wanted me to wear a little bit

of a tiffany key rings for sale. That was like death to me. I was very conscious of already being

taller than all the boys."