look at her wearing a string bikini

In the tradition of gangly girls everywhere turned ravishing glamazons, Sims's extra-long legs would necklaces help vault her to fame. But first she had more growing up to do -- toughening up, really. Getting into modeling came relatively easily. A

college friend who'd modeled with Elite in Atlanta encouraged Sims to send photos to agencies, and after getting promising responses, Sims went with her

mother to New York to make the rounds the summer after her sophomore year. They planned to stay one week, and that turned into six weeks, and that turned

into all summer. By the time it was over, Sims was tiffany necklaces for sale with Next Models

-- and practically before she knew it, she was on her way to Europe. But Germany, her first stop, was anything but an encouraging experience.

"Once I got there, I was told that my nose was crooked, although I'd spent twenty-one years not ever Tiffany Necklaces that before," she recalls. "And then I had everybody saying my calves were too big, my shoulders were

too big. I was too skinny, I was too fat, I was too dark....I had never been judged just by my body, and I was, like, 'Really? This is what it's come down to?' I'd

always been surrounded by amazing friends and family, and there I was having to starve myself. I know now that the thicker your passport, the deeper your

knowledge, but I found working abroad very lonely in the beginning. I've never had so much rejection in my life."

Once Sims started doing runway work and photos of her began to circulate, the response she got from cheap tiffany necklaces clients soothed the sting. Eventually, she modeled for fashion companies high and low, from Armani to Old Navy, and in

2000, on the basis of her sexy but accessible style, she was offered the job of hosting MTV's House of Style, as Cindy Crawford, among others, had done before

her. Though she photographed sultry -- highly sultry -- she kept her image clean, confident, carefree. "For five, six, seven years, when I was at the height of

my modeling career, I was more insecure than ever," she says today, "because the bigger you get, the more people chime in, the more you get put

down, the more ridicule you get." But to look at her wearing a string bikini made with diamonds and worth $30
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, as she did in SI in 2006 in a photo that left little unrevealed, you'd never

suspect she had any doubts.