Why am I always the money girl

"Maybe if it had been worth $50 million, it would have tiffany bangles for sale more,"

she quips. "The things I've done for my career! Not that I'd call myself a catalogue queen, but I was your money girl," she says, alluding to her many

well-paying commercial jobs. Over the years, she's been hired to help introduce everything from a $44,000 collection of Waterman pens to Pedigree Super

Chew dog treats. ("Now my two Yorkies, Poupette and Chloe, have a lifetime supply," she says happily.) Once Sims even donned an outfit made of

green M&M's to launch a new bangles of the candies (it was created by BCBG Max

Azria Intimates). "I remember thinking, 'Why am I always the money girl? I want to be the cool girl.' But now I think, 'Thank God I was the money girl!' I saved

it. And I built my career one piece at a time. With the jewelry up and running, there's only one other piece left -- a family, so I'm focusing on that, too. I definitely

want to get married and have children. I definitely want that to be part of my life."

That Sims has remained single is perhaps something of a testament to her long-held work ethic, which has earned her a
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-style manse in the Hollywood Hills as well as an apartment in SoHo and a

weekend house in the Hamptons -- a converted barn on two acres that's "so great," she says, although months can go by without her seeing it,

because of commitments. Her never-married status might mystify others, though, who assume that it must be very easy for a woman so beautiful to find love.

But when asked about the men in her life so far, who have included fellow TV star Enrique Murciano, from Without a
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(the two lived together for several years), Sims herself sounds calm, and maybe

even satisfied. "I'm definitely not a serial dater," she explains. "I've always been a relationship girl, and I got lucky early on. I've always dated

great guys who didn't take my money, who weren't losers and who liked me for me, not just because I was this or that." Does she currently have a

boyfriend, and if so, who is he? She pauses, then tiffany bangles sale offers: "Let's just say I'm

dating. Yes, dating. Dating a really good fellow."