between aesthetic appeal and flawless performanc

"It's really incredible to be able to bring these looks that I love to so many women," said Sharapova."I am equally excited about working with the design team at Nike to see how much more innovative we can get crossing fashion-forward designs with high performance fabrics and silhouettes."But no matter how photogenic Sharapova is just how much fashion can discount tiffany key rings afford to push within its female athletes' sports gear?"All of our tennis apparel and footwear is first and foremost performance focused to enable the athlete to perform at the highest level," said Stefanie Bourke, Nike Pacific's tennis product manager."We want to help our athletes be the best they can be, and look great on court."

Nike are savvy enough to know that all sports and no fashion play may not result in strong consumer retail discount Tiffany Key Rings. Fans do not just want to watch their tennis heroines, but dress like them too."At Nike, we are aim to deliver product to our athletes that not only performs on-court but reflects the personality of the individual athlete," Bourke said."Take for example Maria Sharapova's dress for the Australian Open."This elegant, fashion-forward design was based on a sketch by Maria, and our aim of working with her was to strike the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and flawless performance."Tennis fashion has undergone a dramatic revolution from traditional whites into a kaleidoscope of camera friendly colours and flesh-revealing styles that can at times look more appropriate for nightclub wear.

How quickly do centre court trends become assimilated into the general street fashion scene?When adidas brand discount tiffany key rings Caroline Wozniacki showcases apparel by fashion designer Stella McCartney's for the adidas tennis line they have stimulated store sell outs within days."With the adidas by Stella McCartney tennis line I feel like I have everything any fashionable female tennis player always dreams about: cutting-edge adidas technologies combined with Stella's unique designs that actually perform," she said."I always play better when I feel good, that is very important to me so I'm really excited about getting out on court in it."The revolution of women's tennis wear first began when French tennis champion discount tiffany key rings Lenglen wore Jean Patou on the grass courts at Wimbledon in the 1920s.

But the introduction of carbon fibre tennis racquets and high-tech footwear from the mid-1980s has resulted in such power house discount tiffany key rings.The faster, louder and more visually excessive tennis becomes, the grander the prize money and endorsements opportunities.However, in the wake of the Tiger Woods scandal that saw numerous brands including Tag Heuer end their relationships with the golf star, a new set of rules have emerged for what makes the right brand ambassador."With Maria she's not only a champion on the court, she's a champion off the court and she's somebody people really look up to and admire," said Schlehuber."You have to be a good person and honest with integrity both on and off the court and I think it's extremely important that you have to live your life consistently."