Ivanka reinforces this understatement resoundingly.

All smiles in a ruffled taffeta dress by Valentino ($5,390); Ivanka Trump rock-crystal, black-enamel and diamond earrings ($12,000).

"The first time I walked a construction job with my boss," tiffany sale continues, "I was petrified that one of the workers was going to make catcalls, and I didn't yet know how I would handle myself. So I covered up -- black suit, hair pulled back, that whole male-assimilation thing -- to blend in a bit more. Once I finally realized that I was good at what I do, it was much easier to present myself in a way that really reflects me. I'm a feminine woman working in a very male field." A quick glance through any of the recent glossy magazines featuring Ivanka reinforces this understatement resoundingly. The lanky beauty looks as comfortable (and as good) in a bikini or a scanty dress as she does in a boardroom pantsuit. She laughs when considering the two extremes. "Okay, there is a time and place for different kinds of attire -- much of that wouldn't fly in a meeting of a board of directors." (Forbes magazine has ranked her as the youngest corporate board director in history.) "I like feeling tiffany sale with myself as a female and knowing that I don't need to assimilate into a man's version of a working wardrobe. You look back to the '80s, and that whole style of women in business was so extreme -- the female version of the power suit, even my mom's version of suiting. There's the massive shoulder pad, the tailored silhouette. In order to garner respect, it seems that women felt they had to even out the playing field visually. These days that requirement seems to have been lifted from women in tiffany sale, in America anyway."

Ivanka is certainly qualified to make such global comparisons, considering the international flight pattern she tiffany sale at a breakneck pace. For example, to attend her mother's recent wedding in Palm Beach, Ivanka had to fly back from the Dominican Republic, where she was hosting a PGA golf event. "We have a huge commitment there -- a Trump International hotel, estate lots, golf courses," she explains. She left the wedding Sunday night to fly to New York, arriving at 8:00 P.M. and leaving at 9:00 P.M. on another plane (from the same airport) for a two-day visit to Qatar. From there it was on to Abu Dhabi and then to Dubai. "We have an active construction site there; we're driving piles now, but we're about to commence sales. I'm lucky; I have exposure to so many different cultures, types of buildings, ways to build and the people within the global financial community. It's interesting for me, as a young businessperson, to have that range of interaction, and it's interesting, as a human being, to have exposure to such different tiffany sale. I've always traveled a lot, but it's increasingly less for pleasure and more and more for business.