that tiffany rings is among her privileged

"I'm not the type to be eating bonbons all day. People are often shocked that I'm not off gallivanting through the south of France. That's not a lifestyle my parents ever led me to believe would be my day job. I need to be a contributing member of society." When asked how widely shared she thinks that tiffany rings is among her privileged peers, she adds: "I'm sure that there are children of very successful parents who are paralyzed by the wealth and success of their family. They prefer to do nothing instead of taking risks. Some have no drive -- they're spoiled, clearly. Some just haven't found their calling. If you have nothing to live for during the day, then sure, why not spend all hours of the night in a club? I just can't imagine anything worse than spending my day figuring out what I was going to wear that night."

Ivanka has notably begun making an exception to this last point, at least when it comes to spending days figuring out her jewelry wardrobe. Her Ivanka Trump collection launched ten months ago with an impressive range of colorless diamonds, white agate, black onyx, pearls and rock crystal. Although there are distinct Art Deco-era Tiffany Rings, the collection is predominantly inspired by Ivanka's youthful take on that particular world of luxury that is measured in carats. She grew up surrounded by the megawatt tokens of affection that her father showered on Ivana. "My favorite time of the day was when my mom would be getting ready for a black-tie event," Ivanka recalls. "She would sit at her vanity table, trying on jewelry -- and the makeup in the late '80s was far different from today's in its lack of subtlety. I'd be sitting there next to her, a six-year-old trying on diamond chandelier earrings and wearing her bright-red lipstick and blue eye shadow. Just last weekend, in Palm Beach, my mom joked about it being delicious retribution that I own a jewelry store two blocks from her house in New York. She now uses my collection as her own personal wardrobe. She's in there every day raiding me out of tiffany rings!"

If Ivanka is every inch her father's match in the boardroom, she is fast proving to be similarly gifted in her mother's tiffany rings arena of choice. ("Ivanka" is the Czech diminutive of her mother's name.) Although it seems every child's right to claim influence from both parents, Ivanka's real gift is how seamlessly she merges their disparate worlds. "Architecture inspires most of my jewelry designs," she says, adding that her day job also affords her a high level of exposure to new international markets for building the jewelry brand into a global name. "At the Trump Organization, so much of our core advantage is our branding -- the expectations, the image, the ability to get publicity for our jobs." She appears to have had no problem applying this theory to tiffany rings promoting her jewelry collection. "We've already surpassed our original goals and benchmarks for the company," she says, adding that her namesake store in New York City is soon to be joined by one in Las Vegas and that she also has plans for international locations.