display and customer service

Yet with the growth of luxury comes the emergence of brands that lack that traditional luxury ingredient - Tiffany Cuff Links. What makes a brand 'luxury' is often the development of this mythology using a combination of craftsmanship, PR, advertising and, possibly, fashion icons.

When Nokia launched premium mobile phone brand Vertu in 2000, it had to do so without such a heritage. To address this, Vertu has forged partnerships with luxury brands such as Ferrari and jewellery house Boucheron, which do have established mythologies. Alberto Torres, president of Vertu, likens the premium phone tiffany cuff Links to the early stages of the luxury watch market. 'It is about the quality of the product. Our phones are assembled by hand and have features such as sapphire crystal screens. We are very careful about the craning of our product, display and customer service,' he says.

Moreover, with websites such as 20ltd, which specialises in limited-edition products, driving the exclusivity element of luxury, the growth of online serves up a further dilemma. Some luxury brands seem uncertain as to whether the web poses a threat or an opportunity. Of the luxury 'old guard', many brands have yet to create an online tiffany cuff links, instead using the web simply as another product showcase, and leaving third parties such as designer clothing site Net-a-Porter to take advantage of a relatively open market. 'The ability to sit in your dressing gown and buy Chanel online is democratising the entry point to luxury,' says Tom Savigar, strategy and insights director at trend forecasting consultancy The Future tiffany cuff links. 'The web is all about convenience. Luxury is about the experience and the discernment that goes with it. Luxury brands need to combine the two.'

According to Ledbury Research, the luxury consumer spends five hours a week online, and Savigar believes that brands are tiffany cuff links a trick. 'Buying online offers dual gratification -the joy of the purchase, and the joy of its delivery.As with many sectors today, a vital area of growth within luxury centres on consumers' green concerns. Environmentalism is not just hip, suddenly it is posh. The question, however, is where conspicuous consumption fits in with the growth of ethical consumerism.