the fashion label Marchesa five years ago

"I wish I kept a diary," says Georgina Chapman, the fine-boned thirty-two-year-old tiffany jewelry who, with her best friend, Keren Craig, launched the fashion label Marchesa five years ago. In that short time their company has catapulted to exalted heights, thanks to the long list of actresses, including Cate Blanchett, Penélope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson, now regularly wearing its dresses on the red carpet. "The smallest little thing that used to give me a heart attack with excitement can now go by unnoticed if I'm not careful. I think a diary tiffany jewelry remind you how wonderful life is."

Chapman's precise version of a wonderful life has much to do with being one-half of a very influential tiffany jewelry on the international film and fashion circuits. The British-born former model is married to movie titan Harvey Weinstein, making them prime paparazzi targets at such events as the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala, in New York City; the Golden Globes; the Academy Awards; and the Cannes Film Festival.

However, Chapman is quick to dial down the flashiness of her evenings and bring any discussion of such events back around to her work. "I go to these parties because I'm dressing people," she insists, "so you'll find me running around like a lunatic in the days and hours just prior, and of course I then have to come back and get tiffany jewelry ready to go off with Harvey. Here I am, throwing on a dress at the last minute and putting on my own makeup in the car."

Chapman's wide-eyed charm and self-deprecating humor make it difficult to begrudge her what appears to be a happy ending to a journey that began with her designing and showing Marchesa's first collection in the living room of her London flat, in 2004. She is also steely in the face of gossip and criticism that has suggested that her tiffany jewelry was the man who found Marchesa's early investors as well as prevailed upon actresses to wear its gowns to high-profile events. "If these women didn't actually like the dresses, they wouldn't keep coming back for more," she says. "Initial introductions are a wonderful thing, but after that you've got to prove yourself."