garden she has wisely tucked a makeshift office

Similar bouquets from her doting husband are strewn around the living room of the town house they share in the West Village. "We bought this place two years ago, did about a year's worth of renovating and finally moved in last year," says Chapman, sitting barefoot in the eat-in kitchen of the imposing seven-floor home. "I decided not to work with a decorator; I didn't want it feeling too 'done.' I have two dogs and three stepdaughters, after all -- people have to l-i-v-e here!" She began by finding mid-20th-century furniture a popular Web site featuring stylish tiffany jewellery on sale. Just beyond the kitchen, on the first floor, is a Zenlike garden terrace, which Chapman created with a serene assemblage of water elements and Asian plantings. It's a calming influence on the house, and in the glassed-in room that separates the kitchen and garden she has wisely tucked a makeshift office for herself. On the basement level of the home is -- no surprise here -- a professional-grade screening room, complete with a projection system that, she says, can be operated only by union workers. Oversized movie posters from Gangs of New York and Un Homme et une Femme decorate the walls. Opposite the tiffany jewellery on sale cinema is a workout room with an elliptical machine and a treadmill. In addition to practicing yoga, Chapman says that much of her daily exercise comes from climbing all the flights of stairs in the house.

Several floors up, Chapman's luxe dressing room has de Gournay hand-painted wall coverings, a mirrored vanity table and gilded antique chairs, a fantasy setting worthy of the dresses stored away in the neighboring walk-in closet. In it, a gilded chandelier hangs overhead and a white sheepskin rug lies underfoot. Polished white lacquer drawers hold tiffany jewellery on sale sweaters, and a well-fashioned grid of shoebox-sized compartments adorns an entire wall, helping Chapman keep track of her prized shoes from Vivienne Westwood, Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Louboutin. Her closet brims with Chanel handbags and Fendi coats, but Chapman confesses that her cheap fashion thrill is Topshop (the British retailer, which is opening a store next month in New York); she also shows off a worn-to-shreds vintage Pierre Cardin coat.

Chapman's closet is a treasure trove of labels, time periods and well-chosen audacity, her personal style very much in keeping with the glamorous gowns she conjures for her two dress lines. In addition, Bergdorf Goodman recently asked Marchesa to create a small "capsule" collection of ready-to-wear bridal gowns, a request that is particularly ironic, considering how un-ready-to-wear Chapman's own gown proved to be just over a year ago when she married Weinstein at his weekend home in Westport, Connecticut. Mere days before the Gipsy Kings and elaborate tiffany jewellery on sale entertained a group that included Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Rupert Murdoch, Renée Zellweger and Cameron Diaz, the fabric for Chapman's custom wedding dress arrived back from India (where it had been sent for intricate beading) no longer white but brown, from a dyeing mishap. A frantic series of washings removed most of the stains, and though it was far from the seamless sartorial prep she had been planning, she laughs it off now. Similarly, Myrtle, a collie-beagle cross and one of Chapman's two beloved dogs -- the other, Rocky, is a Norfolk terrier -- recently chose to mark her territory on a beautiful long dress being created at the Marchesa studio. Chapman simply tiffany jewellery on sale, cut the gown to knee length and pronounced that it looked better that way.