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Chapman is quite candid about many of her best dresses being over-the-top bits of fantasy. "This one will never make it to production," she says about a floor-length, one-shoulder, elaborately beaded black-lace dress. More likely it will be worn on the red carpet, and the gown's media exposure will help further promote the brand without its ever being purchased in a store. A notable (sellable) exception to this rule is the pistachio fringed minidress worn by Eva Longoria Parker to the most recent Emmy Awards. Originally a special-order wholesale tiffany jewelry, it later showed up as a $5,500 ready-to-wear version in a Bergdorf Goodman window, and 110 were sold to stores worldwide.

Chapman speaks discreetly of her interaction with celebrities. It's clear she's still a bit starstruck, and she admits that her current world is far away from Petersham, England, where she grew up as the daughter of a theater critic and a successful coffee merchant. Describing her early years, she misses no opportunity to make fun of wholesale tiffany jewelry; she's the first to tell you about being a pigeon-toed child, for instance. "I was asked to leave ballet class at age four," she says, laughing. She revels in describing the "very inappropriate outfits" she wore in her youth. "I was a skateboarder, a Madonna fan, a hippie, a Goth. I did it all." That includes dyeing her hair blue and backpacking around the globe for a year, travels that took her to India, where three generations of her family once lived. Chapman also made her way to Nepal, where she impetuously embarked on what turned out to be a twenty-day trek into the Himalayas -- wearing flip-flops. She still has photos of her feet covered in leeches. "There was so little wholesale tiffany jewelry up there that I kept sitting down and passing out." She laughs now about how exhausted and cold -- and happy -- she was on that trip.

Although she had been planning a career in design since she was wholesale tiffany jewelry ("Costume design is what I studied when I first went to design school," she notes), she nonetheless appears very appreciative of the fashion world's quick embrace of Marchesa. "I'm always reminding myself how lucky I am to have achieved what I set out to," she says. Chapman credits her breakthrough moment as being a night in 2004 when the late British stylist Isabella Blow discovered Chapman at a party, wearing a dress she and Craig had made a few days earlier. Instant credibility by wholesale tiffany jewelry followed for the label the pair soon formed, as did important introductions. Chapman still speaks of the encouragement with tremendous gratitude, as she does about the help that her husband has been to Marchesa's growth. The company's studio is scheduled to move this month to a new location more than twice its current size.6