Fashion Week presentation of Marchesa's collection

By all accounts, Weinstein seems tiffany jewelry sale by his wife and her work. "I love that Harvey and I have such different lives," says Chapman, "but that we still have an understanding of the other's world." The two met at a party in London four years ago, and after a period of time spent as friends, they began dating; eventually he proposed with a ring he designed himself. In turn, Chapman's influence on Weinstein has been well-documented. He wore a custom Tom Ford tuxedo to their wedding, and his fashion acquisitions of the past few years also include tiffany jewelry sale (in addition, he has developed the reality-TV show Project Runway). "Harvey is interested in everything," says Chapman, brimming with pride. "He wants to know everyone's story. That's what is so fascinating about him; he's so hungry for information. He reads five newspapers every morning!"

At a recent New York Fashion Week presentation of Marchesa's collection, Weinstein is on hand, cycling through the exhibition of dresses four times. Throngs of editors, celebrities and well-wishers drink from miniature bottles of Champagne as they view the gowns, which Weinstein also takes his time examining. He pays equal attention to the tiffany jewelry sale audience. On one pass through he greets singer Rob Thomas, whom he profusely thanks for being there -- "It means a lot to both of us" -- and to whose wife, Marisol, Weinstein offers to have a dress made "on the house." Another lap sees him shepherding two of his three young daughters, who are clearly excited to be amid the fashionable chaos. Weinstein's septuagenarian tiffany jewelry sale, Miriam, is there, too, taking in the glamour from a corner near Chapman. In this one room are all the women capable of melting away Weinstein's famously brusque manner.

From a discreet distance Weinstein looks at his wife with an uncharacteristically tender gaze. Under the tiffany jewelry sale glare of paparazzi's flashes and television lights, Chapman is being interviewed as well as greeted by fashion editors. Still, Weinstein manages to catch her eye, and she beams a triumphant smile back his way. Later, she explains: "I love my husband. I love my life. I love dressing up. I'm something of a magpie -- I'm drawn to all things shiny. Every day something new and exciting is happening."