real-estate magnate fathered with actress Marla

Ivanka Trump is, in many ways, her father's most fastidiously crafted namesake. Standing six feet three in cheap tiffany jewelry, she is beautiful by any standard and speaks in dulcet tones cultivated by the best schools that money can buy. The towering blonde was born in 1981, a year after Donald Trump broke ground for Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue -- his first of now dozens of eponymous buildings and a structure that he'd begun by purchasing from neighbor Tiffany & Co. the air rights above its landmark store. "I think my dad wanted to name me Tiffany," says Ivanka from her office on the twenty-fifth floor of Trump Tower, where she and her brothers Don and Eric work on expanding the Trump brand in the U.S. and abroad. "Of course, later," she adds, "he had another chance to use the name." Ivanka is referring to the daughter the real-estate magnate fathered with actress Marla Maples in 1990, a union that also produced spicy tabloid headlines for more than a cheap tiffany jewelry and quickly ended Ivanka's storybook childhood.

It's 8:00 A.M. and Ivanka has already been at work for an hour; her BlackBerry quietly vibrates twelve times during the next hour as clients and colleagues the world over attempt to reach her, and her assistant fields a near-equal number of phone calls during the same period. Wearing a snug black Dolce & Gabbana dress paired with four-inch heels, Ivanka overlooks Fifth Avenue from a sophisticated office that she designed herself along with the entire floor, which is covered in polished silver and dark wood. She resides one floor below her father, and at cheap tiffany jewelry-six years of age, the brainy, self-possessed heiress serves the Trump Organization as vice president of real-estate development and acquisitions. It's an imposing role she has carved out for herself, but at the moment she is still reliving a singularly uncommon childhood, one that brought her to this point. Ivanka continues, describing the paparazzi and reporters who descended on her when she was an eight-year-old student at Chapin, the New York City private girls' school also attended by style icons Jackie Kennedy and Queen Noor of Jordan. As with fellow children of privilege, Ivanka's introduction to the spotlight came early in life. "It was extremely hard for my parents; they would omit certain details of the divorce, and we'd come home from school having read them on the cover of the Post," she says. The cover lines included Maples's now-infamous quote: "Best Sex I Ever Had."

With brother Donald Jr., at the Ivanka Trump jewelry boutique last February."It was an unfortunate situation," Ivanka relates calmly, "one that far too many people go through, but in some ways it brought me cheap tiffany jewelry to my family. I was at an age where I took them for granted. After this I gained a real appreciation for both of my parents as individuals." Indelibly fixed in the public's perception are stark images of her father and mother: Donald's power tie and showman's swagger, Ivana's severe makeup and Technicolor wardrobe, a sense of entitlement and cheap tiffany jewelry in both of them that only a recession and a divorce could extinguish. Ivanka suggests that these dated caricatures might be locked in time because the pair ceased to exist as a couple after the '80s. Indeed, for the March 1986 cover of Town & Country, Ivana produces an invincible smile for the camera, just a few years shy of her divorce.