As the old saying goes

The First Baptist Church is selling a stained glass window that was installed in 1896. The glass window depicting St.John and the Divine was created and signed by Tiffany Studio.

An antique businessman has told the Brattleboro Reformer that the window could earn Tiffany jewellery between $40,000 and $60,000 at auction. The earnings from the sale of this window would be used to repair the church’s leaking roof so it can continue to provide a winter shelter for the homeless people. As the old saying goes that, “when a door closes, a window opens.” The church now is selling a window so as to open a door to the people who need a place to sleep and a warm meal. Actually this action is the last one the church can take to make Tiffany Tiffany Signature ring to pay its bills. Before this they slashed their pastor’s hours by half and eliminated their custodian. But it is still not enough. And then two weeks age they voted and decided that the prized assert of this church would be sold on the market to make the amends.

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