white gold and diamond snowflake

Not only being a premier jeweler but also renowned as the ultimate resource for gifts, Tiffany & Co has been providing holiday season with gifts of legendary style and utmost quality. Now let us make a list of presents of this season. 1. Colored Gemstone Rings — Cocktail rings in exuberant yellow quartz, amethyst and citrine. They are set with gems of exquisite beauty and rich color saturation cushion in 18k gold. 2. Tiffany Swing Diamond Pendant and Earrings — Radiant and unmistakably glamour, this creation opens a door for classic round Elsa diamonds with a new attitude that wears with ease. 3.Tiffany Charms — The holidays are dazzled by Tiffany with diamond and enamel ice skate in platinum, 18k white gold and diamond snowflake, sterling silver and enamel candy cane in 18k white gold and gemstone snowman and tree with gemstones in platinum. 4. Tiffany Charm Bracelet —this gift is loaded with charms in sterling silver with a nice lock charm, Tiffany Blue Box, holiday tree, snowflake, enamel candy cane, and enamel ice skate.Tiffany Celebration rings were created by the renowned jeweler-Tiffany to celebrate and remember the importance of reaching a goal, milestone, and tiffany birthdays and anniversaries at the center of life’s greatest occasions as the ultimate symbol. These beautiful and sterling diamond and platinum bands light up every cause for celebration with the sheer beauty and elegance of Tiffany design. When coming together the rare moments deserve to be cherished and marked by the best: Tiffany diamonds. The stones, like the stars, are perfectly aligned in bands of high-frequency wear, each a signature of pure fashion chic, in which elsa peretti in quality and charisma of Tiffany jewelry displays. Tiffany Celebration rings circling every twist and turning to elegance and self-fulfillment give a way to change Narrow and feminine to wide and dramatic. Shaped with classic round diamonds, in princess cut, channel set or pavé diamonds, all options are open to pursuit of personal style and stack up the glamour – one shimmering touchstone eternally. Every sparkling band gives the go-ahead to let the celebration begin and to reach for a new day by highlighting joys of life by diamond with a Tiffany Celebration ring.