away from the band with six platinum prongs

Couples of the new generation of in love will be given by Tiffany & Co the celebrated diamond engagement rings, as well as bridal jewelry and gifts for a wedding that sparkles in the memory forever. It is the dazzling beauty which radiates from the world’s finest diamonds cut with absolute precision that distinguishes every Tiffany diamond engagement ring. Tiffany’s founding in 1837 saw the establishment of its standard of quality and craftsmanship. And now they are still shining in the jeweler’s every design, including the famous cheap cufflinks Setting, the most popular engagement ring style in the world. Since it was introduced in 1886, the engagement ring as we know it today was born. This innovative design sets the diamond away from the band with six platinum prongs, permitting a more complete return of light through the diamond and maximizing its natural allure.

Sharing this great legacy, the latest designs included the new Tiffany Embrace, a round brilliant-cut stone with a bezel of sparkling diamonds; and the new setting of open streamlined curves for the Lucida diamond, a patented cut exclusive to Tiffany. It has been publicly recognized that Tiffany Rings are designed for the lovers. As a jewelry brand characterized as the name of romance and love, Tiffany is actually more than that. Painted with bundles of pinecones, cranberries and a sumptuous red and gold ribbon on top, the presence of tiffany package would add to the romantic atmosphere of the ceremony. However, that is not where all the meanings of Tiffany lie. The radiance of Tiffany Bangles is not confined only to the marriage or romance. It is able to represent the cheap earrings of family. So let the Brilliant New Paloma Picasso Jewelry and Sterling Silver Gifts shine in taste and tribute. And today they are not for your lover but your families.

Tiffany & Co designs stylish presents of great craftsmanship for mother’s day and father’s day—the new Paloma Picasso 20 Carat collection. It selects varied gems of generous size and will be sold with a Tiffany Sterling silver frame as a handcrafted keepsake that holds the precious photograph. And the polished surface is engraved with “world’s Greatest Mom”.