asking for toys to asking for jewelry for Christmas.""

p>"I stopped wearing short skirts when I was 21-I wince at the lengths of my youth (move over, Paris Hilton), but I had killer gams back then. They've widened in the nine years since. I still wear sexy stilettos; I've been practicing since my childhood raids of my mom's shoe closet, and even the four-inchers feel like Keds to me now. At 20 I gave up on wearing jeans because everyone was wearing them. The trend exploded and I felt like it was a uniform. I wear only skirts and dresses now-I haven't worn pants at all in eight years except on the ski tiffany bangles for sale!"

Lauren Davis, 30, fashion consultant."I don't think anyone should wear sneakers. I was once told that the only cheap tiffany who run are cheap tiffany and thieves. I wore a suit on my first day of work, when I was 25. Why I waited until after I got the job to bust out the suit I'm not sure, but I am certain that it was a mistake and will never try it again. Girls under 30 shouldn't wear real jewels. They look ridiculous. But then again, women over 40 should not wear costume jewelry. Only the real thing!"

Olivia Chantecaille, 30s, creative director of Chantecaille Beauté."I began wearing suits in my 20s, when I cheap cheap tiffany rings accessories the casual elegance of a Chanel suit. I didn't start wearing stilettos until my 20s because I was taller than the boys when I was growing up. Bare arms are beautiful at any age when they are tattoo-free and smooth; bare tiffany necklaces for sale are best when you have Brazilian blood! Shimmery lip gloss is perfect when you're in your teens, but it should be retired by your 50s. Time to pass the baton to your daughter."

Ivanka Trump, 24, VP of development for the Trump Organization."I started wearing short skirts very early in life and have no cheap tiffany pendants plans to stop! I just got into suits this past year, when I joined the real-estate-development team of the Trump Organization. I gave up sneakers when I was 12 because I can run faster in flats. I began to wear pearls and tiffany bangles for sale earrings the year I transitioned from asking for toys to asking for jewelry for Christmas.""I began wearing jeans when I was 18 because they represented freedom and cheap tiffany cuff links, and I've never worn suits because they are too serious. I stopped wearing my hair very long when I was 40ish because I looked too young from the back and too old from the front."

"The only thing I find positively vulgar is showing the belly button when you're not wearing a bikini-unless you are under 10 years old. I think the stomach area is okay to show, like women did in the 1940s when they wore playsuits with shorts, but the belly button should be covered. Always. It is only recently that I've felt comfortable cheap tiffany bracelets more body-conscious clothing, perhaps more sophisticated or sexy attire. Maybe it is more appropriate when one feels more womanly? It would be a boring world if people used guidelines to dress-no room for creativity or disaster!""I stopped carrying an It bag when I was 28 because I became an Hermès addict. Ten years before that I gave up sneakers because I was not an athlete. I restrained myself from wearing pearls, cuffs, and dangly cheap tiffany key rings when I was 24 because the '80s and early '90s were over!"

"I'm a firm believer that it's not age or type of clothing but fit and style that count. A woman of any age should know her body and the proportions that suit her, never following trends. Since I'm tall and slim I never wear narrow cigarette jeans but prefer some flare for balance. I've never stopped wearing jeans. They look elegant with jackets and are great for country weekends and travel. Obviously, rips and exposed belly buttons are reserved for teenagers. Chic leather and suede sneakers from Tod's and Hogan flatter any city look with trousers when you walk 40 blocks downtown as often as I do."