category by itself when it comes to entrainment accidents

LOOSE CLOTHING: Perhaps the greatest danger of entrainment happens when loose clothing is exposed to an unguarded - or improperly guarded - rotating part. The loose clothing gets caught in a rotating part and can be wound up with lightning speed. The person wearing the clothing is either dashed with deadly force tiffanys the machine itself or, in the more gruesome cases, is actually pulled into the works. Scarves and neckties are perhaps the most dangerous, partly because they are long and liable to dangle, and partly because they tend to be worn tiffanys the neck so that when they are pulled in and snapped tight by a moving part, they often instantly break the neck. However, almost any item of loose clothing is liable to entrainment: dangling shirt sleeves, a hanging belt on a lab coat, the lower edges of an open jacket, even the folds of a bulky sweater.

HAIR: Long hair is in a category by itself when it comes to entrainment accidents. While go-kart accidents in which long hair gets entrained in a wheel or drive shaft make the news headlines almost every summer, the same type of accidents happen in industry. That's why many workplaces have rules that long hair must be tied up or worn in a choose choose tiffany accessories bangles hair net. (This occasionally leads some workers to wear their long hair tucked up inside a baseball cap or hard hat, but this is not an acceptable solution. The hair tends to fall out just when one leans over forward - as one might do when servicing a moving part of a machine.)

JEWELRY: Naturally, dangling necklaces are banned from most industrial workplaces for fairly obvious cheap tiffany accessories. Less obvious is the fact that rings on fingers have been implicated in countless entrainment accidents. For example, a rough spot on a rotating shaft can catch under a ring and pull the hand in; sometimes, a protrusion (such as a set choose tiffany bracelets) on a rapidly moving wheel, pulley or shaft can actually strike a ring with such force that it throws the wearer's hand into the machine.MOVING PARTS: Most entrainment accidents involve rapidly rotating parts such as drive shafts, pulleys, flywheels, gears and wheels. However, almost any moving part, including reciprocating shafts (that move back and forth or in and out) can also seize a loose item of choose tiffany and pull the wearer in.SLOWLY ROTATING SHAFTS: One of the most deceptive hazards involves exposed, slowly rotating shafts, such as those often found on assembly lines and certain conveyor belts. They seem perfectly safe. One can touch them without any harm. But they should still be guarded, because they can very occasionally start to wind up an article of clothing and, when the wearer tries to pull free, suddenly pull the slowly winding coil tight and slowly and inexorably pull the wearer in.

RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT: While modern recreational vehicles normally meet high standards of safety choose tiffany earrings, there are terrible accidents involving entrainment every year. Scarves get caught in ATV (all terrain vehicle) wheels and axles. Long hair gets caught in the pulleys or rear wheels of go carts. And loose clothing gets pulled in by the chain drives on motorcycles. All of the safety considerations of industry should apply equally to recreational vehicles.