potential to dictate the pace and define the norms

Howard Rheingold and Steve Mann offer alternate ways of dealing with the social implications of new wireless technology. Mann sees wearable computers as a kind of body armor-an equalizer that individuals can use to defend their independence in an age of big government and giant corporations. Rheingold looks rather to the opportunity that wireless communication offers for an individual to locate and cooperate with others to achieve desirable outcomes great and small. Both men underscore the need for caution. However fast wireless for sale choose tiffany key rings and P2P communications spread, we clearly need to do some serious futures thinking. As we enact new laws and set binding universal standards for cell phones, distributed processing, wearable computers, and smart tiffanys, governments and private citizens alike will need to clarify their vision of a desirable future world.

Now more than ever, technology has the potential to dictate the pace and define the norms of daily life for decades to come. It may be hard for many of us to imagine a world where mutual benefit beats out greed as the driving force determining individual behavior. But the potential for such change does exist, and if tiffanys and regulators alike begin to ask more questions and become more proactively involved in setting goals and limits, there is still time to shape a humane and sustainable communications environment. -Lane Jennings

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