says it was true that Tab didn't have a formal invitation

When SHARON OSbourne appeared on Court TV's Celebrity Justice on April 16, her burgundy hair was stylishly spiked and her eyes were meticulously made up. But there was no avoiding the walnut-sized, yellow and black bruise on the left side of her chin. Ozzy's wife had hit the air to discuss her bizarre brawl with Renee Tab, a 26-year-old talent agent who allegedly slugged Sharon at a Los Angeles restaurant on April 10. During the interview, Sharon came across as sweet, subdued and utterly startled. "I'm upset - really upset," she told Celebrity Justice. "I want everybody to see the way I look because I've got nothing to hide."Meanwhile, a source close to Tab tells Us that the agent too was ailing: She supposedly passed out at the gym on April 12 from a concussion she had tiffanys during the fight. So bad was the injury, says the source, that Tab didn't return to work until April 17.

Round one of the battle took place on the evening of December 31 at the 600-guest bash Ozzy and Sharon threw at the Beverly Hills Hotel to celebrate the renewal of their wedding vows. The hosts raffled off a $15,000 diamond-and-sapphire necklace and earrings set from renowned jeweller Asprey - and Tab, a junior agent at discount tiffany Creative Management, won it. But just days after, a distressed Sharon, 50, claimed that Tab, whom she had never even met, had crashed the event. "She wasn't an invited guest," Sharon said. "I asked for [the necklace] back, and I didn't get it back." In Tab's defense, a source says it was true that Tab didn't have a formal invitation, "but she knew someone there. That's Hollywood. People always invite friends.

The verbal volleying took a violent turn when, at 10:45 P.M. on April 10, police were called to the West discount tiffany accessories Japanese restaurant Koi to settle a fight between the women. Though police described the incident as a "mutual battery," the two sides, naturally, have different accounts. Tab's camp claims that Sharon and Ozzy took a table next to Tab, who was dining with her sister and the restaurant's owner. As Tab was leaving, say sources, Sharon blocked the exit, saying, "You again." Tab's attorney, Najila Brent, claims Sharon "started screaming, 'You Persian carpet cleaner!'" and spit on Tab while kicking her sister, Candace, in the knee.

Sharon's version? That she asked Tab for the necklace again, and before she knew it, she came face to face with Tab's fist. "The next thing I remember was, 'My jaw is broken!'" she said. Osbourne's rep, Lisa Vega, claims Sharon was "viciously assaulted" by Tab and "taken to the hospital and treated for her injuries."Both discount tiffany bracelets have threatened to take legal action, but neither has filed a suit. The city attorney's office says it has yet to review the case. Still, even for a family known for its wild, ham-tossing antics, this latest incident seems to have crossed a line. "All I know is this girl did punch my mom," Kelly Osbourne has said. "It's one thing if you slap and pull, but to actually punch another woman in the face? It's disgusting." US